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tekst-br-4-Shkurt-per-CEdCentre for Education and Development (CED) is a non-governmental organization which works in the Municipality of Tearce region since December 2006. The organization has as a target group of young people 12 to 28 years, and to achieve its goals always activities including youth, teachers, parents, leaders of institutions and other leading organizations.According to its strategic plan, CED in the next three years as has its priorities: Reducing deviant behavior among young people, and that by organizing cultural and sports events, protection of the environment, through awareness raising activities of citizens , improving interethnic cooperation between the nationalities living in the region, organizing joint activities.



Some of our services:

  • Training on these topics:
  • • Training course on Volunteering
  • • Training course for children's rights
  • • Training course for youth participation
  • • Training course for Leadership, Communication, Conflict Resolution, work with individuals, groups Working
  • • Training course for project preparation, evaluation and monitoring-Pregaditje Various strategic plans for NGOs
  • Organizing creative workshopsprojection filmOrganizing different exhibitsSkills training for the benefit of formal educationOpportunities for voluntary engagement in CED offices and in countries such as Northern Ireland and Switzerland
  • Organizing different performancesDance workshops for theaterLegal consultations on the establishment of NGOs and other legal actsThe value on which CED NGOs are: Cooperation, Education and Equality.
  • Read more about the organization biography History item on the menu for us.
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